How to properly set up Whatsapp on Android


The Google Play app is one of the most popular and convenient means of communication. It is a good replacement for Whatsapp, but it is much easier to use. All you need is a few simple steps, including the installation of the third-party app. But to get the benefit of new Whatsapp, you need to uninstall the old one. In this article, we will tell you how to properly set up the program.The following steps are performed:Go to the settings.To activate the "Backup" option.Go to the "Backup and reset settings" section.Go to the "Backup settings" section and set the "Backup to Google" action.When the app is completely downloaded, it will no longer reset its settings — it will still be saved in the "Backup settings" section. After all, this is necessary for privacy reasons.The "Backup to Google" option is only available for one day, after which it is not available anymore. However, it is set to "On" by default. To make sure that your data is safe, please read the command: "Backup to Google settings".If this is not enough, then you can delete all data from the device. Hacking the systemIt is worth noting that for some, the settings of WhatsApp are very important, so to avoid any unpleasant consequences, you should carefully study the command: "Backup to google settings". This way, you can easily restore the settings of the smartphone to the previous one. After all, Google is the owner of all your personal data, so you should not simply throw it away. If necessary, you can restore it after deleting it, but it is not recommended to do this. To do this, you should return to the main menu of the app, choose settings, then write or type a new text. Back up and reset settingsIt will be necessary to reset the settings on your smartphone without external assistance. I suggest that you perform this procedure before entering the settings of a social network. It will help you understand: how to reset your settings — what is done.To do this, go to settings — reset. Reset the system is performed by selecting Reset settings — system reset. After that, the device will restart. But this will not affect the settings of Whatsapp, but it will also reset it to the previous state.Users of this program have also changed the default settings. It is recommended to reset the settings to the previous state. But how to reset your settings-how to reset the settings.To perform reset, go to settings — reset. After that, a clear message appears on the screen, the device reboots and is completely reset to the settings. Users reset by placing a new SIM card in the device, so if you reset one of your own you can immediately restart your phone. Reset settings